Lotek Services

We provide a diverse array software engineering services for any business.

Twelve years of experience have given us the capacity to offer a wide variety of services to our clients, which, in turn, allow us to cover a wide range of software development needs.

Our services include

Software Requirements

We sit down directly with the client to determine the needs the new software must solve. It is the initial and most important phase of the process as it sets the ground rules for the development stage.

Software Design and Modeling

Our developers define the methods, functions, and objects of the software, as well as the structure and interaction of the codes in order to satisfy our clients’ needs. We also develop several designs for the software in question, try out different interfaces and interactions so as to discover which are more user friendly or could present any issues.

Lean Software Development (Scrum, Agile)

Because we believe our customers should be able to receive a software solution that will apply itself only to the specified needs, we apply the LDS principles to our software, something that allows us to produce a more efficient and time saving product.

Desktop, Web, and Mobile Software Development

With a world that requires information at the speed of light, we specialize in a variety of environments for software application, specifically desktop, web, and mobile apps which ensure the full satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

Software Consultation

We can study and assess the processes of our clients' business or organization so as to provide software solutions and recommendations designed to improve and streamline your system if necessary.

Technical Management

Because of the complexity of software related problems, our highly skilled technical managers can direct, manage, and help develop effective solutions for all your software needs while leading a team of knowledgeable developers that will focus on the realistic dissection of any challenge presented. This will ensure that the final solution we present to our client is not only satisfying but also an improvement on any existing software.

Private Cloud Setup and Management

When a business or an individual generate large amounts of data, physical storage might not only become cumbersome, but also inefficient and ineffective. For these cases we offer the setup and management of private cloud storage, which, aside from saving money and space, has the additional advantage of being accessed from anywhere in the world by those who are authorized to do so.

Our Project Approach & Methodology

For the majority of our projects, we adopt a mix of the traditional requirements gathering with an agile development strategy, with some aspects of extreme programming.

  • Traditional Requirements Gathering

    For large projects, the requirements and design phase of the project will follow the traditional route. Lotek will gather and refine the project requirements in a series of interviews with the client.

    Once the initial requirements are agreed upon by both parties, we will propose a design based on those requirements and any constraints the client may have.

  • Decomposition and Feature Definition

    The system design is broken down to its smallest testable components which would form the basis for developing features.

    Features are defined by grouping related components to form an end-to-end sequence of operations which provide some business value to the client. They can be thought of as high-level use cases and are extremely useful in the continuous verifying and signing off on functionality as they are developed. These features are prioritized based on the client’s delivery schedule.

    This also allows for components to be developed on an “as needed” basis to deliver a complete feature. No time is wasted developing components which are not immediately needed, thus shortening the time to deliver high priority features.

  • Continuous Integration & Verification

    Once development of the system begins, we make use of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD pipeline) to deliver features and changes on an almost daily basis.

    The client will be responsible for continuous acceptance testing and verification of features as they are being developed. This keeps the feedback loop short and course correction quick.

    The client should also make a technical and business contact available throughout the development process to quickly provide clarifications and decisions which may not have been addressed in the system requirements phase.

  • Standards Adherence & Self-Documenting Code

    All code in the system will follow strict coding standards (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/design-guidelines/index) and will be verified by an automated code analysis tool. This also means that all code will be commented in-line, allowing for the automatic generation of code documentation.